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Images courtesy of Pascal Berger Photography

Ben Etter is a producer, recording engineer and mixer with credits by Deerhunter, Soccer Mommy, Hazel English, Cate Le Bon, Washed Out, Kaiser Chiefs a.o.

Originally from Bern, Switzerland, Ben Etter migrated to Atlanta, GA to focus completely on making records after spending many years as a recording and touring artist himself. Very much a child of the 90's, his work has been tied to the decade less in style than in approach. The attitude of independent artists at the time created an environment in which making records was, perhaps due to technical and time limitations, unencumbered by fear or overthinking and instead driven by fierce confidence in the material and artistic vision. In an age of unprecedented access and scrutiny in music production, this is the kind of mentality Ben brings to every session. This is reflected in his creative, often experimental recording and mixing approach - rendering exciting and sometimes unexpected results:

"I want records to feel a little bit dangerous, like we're allowing ourselves to do things in ways that some might not consider correct or proper. Celebrating imperfection and idiosyncrasies leads us to the true identity of an artist. Once I have a vision for where a record wants to go, I just get on board, take whatever risks necessary to preserve that identity and refuse to water it down with conventional "best" practices. Some of my favorite captures and mixing moves in the studio have been serendipitous. The key is to create an environment where these things can happen."

Ben works primarily out of Maze Studios, as well as his own EAV studio in East Atlanta Village. No matter the size or budget of a project, he cares about artists making music for the right reasons, while creating honest, powerful songs: "If you have music you think I should work on, I'd love to hear it."
Let's make a record! Reach out here:

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